Museums gamification: 4 Things To Look Out For

Gamification in tourism has very powerful examples that the advancement of technology has had a significant impact on. Augmented reality and virtual reality are two technologies that will change the future of gamification in tourism forever, but never forget the most eternal thing in history, the story! Below are two examples, the video of this article is about the second example, which is very interesting

Gamification involves digitally engaging consumers and motivating them toward specific goals through gaming methods. In order to encourage people to explore new places, we should provide them with incentives, and offer them a before and after-tour experience with online location-based games that encourage them to visit the museum. Nowadays, most people have a smartphone or tablet, so it’s easy to engage visitors by using:

1. Challenges

Ask people to solve a puzzle or visit certain areas of the site and submit a photo to complete that aspect of the assignment.

2. Score

When you assign a certain task the user needs to complete, it stimulates them to collect points along the way. Their progress towards the end goal is also known.

3. Leaderboards

People love to compete with their friends and are motivated to score higher, which adds even more fun to the experience.

4. Rewards

These can be virtual or real ones. Users can earn badges, titles, and new levels by accumulating points.