Adventures for the perfect Valentine

Chocolate, candy, and flowers are all great options for Valentine's Day, but how about something unique? Valentine’s Day outdoor activities are great to celebrate this wonderful day. Here are easy and fun outdoor activities that you can do with your partner.

1. Go camping

Ready for adventure, Escape the Big City to the great outdoors with your partner. There are snacks to grill, canoes to paddle, caves to explore and fish to catch. While you’re at it, you can play Sipot’ Camp-game here. Even you can design a camp-game and surprise your partner.

2. Heart hunt in nature

On your walk, try to find natural objects that look like hearts. In the application, you can also define a challenge for your partner, and set a prize.

3. Build a fire together

Fires are wonderfully romantic. try adding some aromatic herbs like lavender or rosemary to make it a little more special. You can watch the video of How to Build a Campfire and answer Quiz here.

4.Make hearts using nature

You can do this with anything—stones, sticks, leaves, petals. Take a picture of yourself with a heart filter in the nature or draw hearts with a stick in sand, soil, or snow.

5. Watch a sunrise or sun-set

Do a lovely sun-watch with your partner and add some romantic to the experience with mediation music. You can record this scene and create a memory card.