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What is Sipot ?

Sipot is a gamification platform offers pre-designed templates that you can select from different challenges, badges, earning points for every challenge you want. Your customers will learn all about your attraction and take part of it.

Game Costomization

Includes video, images, graphics, social sharing, site embedding, and more.

No-code platform

Set up your game no tech or design background required with a drag and drop editor

Ultimate customizability

The game component editor is a quick and easy dashboard with a demo builder to pre-lunch check.

Embed everywhere

Display ads directly or export to your website, app, in-store display, and social media.

Seamless integrations

Integrate campaigns with email/marketing automation and major CRM platforms.

Real-time analytics

Track campaign data such as visits, registrations, engagement, conversions, and drop-offs.


The Versatile Gamification Platform for Enterprise Engagement and Advocacy

Various industries leverage Sipot to encourage desired behaviors for a wide range of purposes, including employee engagement, training, transformation campaigns, and consumer marketing/sales advocacy.

Successful Projects


Quality Customers


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  • Digital ad-game

    Digital game-based ads have the inherent ability to drive engagement of online customers. It is no surprise that game-base advertisement offer great monetization and retention gains for marketers looking to increase return on ad spend. In restaurants to banking apps, gamified content is an effective way to attract user attention for any product or service since gaming transcends demographic boundaries.

  • Physical ad-game

    Location-based mobile games, are considered this type of game as a promising marketing platform. Location-based games are games played outside that progress based on the player's location. 'Geogames' or 'location-enabled games' use location awareness to enable players to engage with their surroundings in a unique way. Location-based games often involve solving puzzles and finding clues via a location-enabled mobile device, such as treasure hunts, manhunts, walking apps, and orienteering. Gameplay is driven by the changing location of players, which evolves and progresses the story.

  • Phygital ad-game

    Phygital is a term used to describe the divide between the physical and digital world. In Sipot we use Phygital ad-game to create a digital experience that is user-friendly  to blend their physical and digital experiences and drive footfall in different ways:

    To drive customers to a store opening

    Rewarding dedicated customers

    support a brand strategy

    Why Choose Sipot for Your Site?

    • Stand Out from Competitors: Break through the clutter and differentiate your brand 
    • Access the power of data: Collect valuable data, and provide tailored content.
    • Grow Customer Value: Foster brand attachment and higher customer lifetime value through increased customer engagement.
    • Attract Generation Z: Influence purchasing decisions and boost sales with Generation Z through visual, and rewarding Branded Marketing Games.


    Our game concepts

    Select between 100+ customizable game

    Luck games

    Give your audience a chance to win with our digital luck games include Spin the wheel, Roll the dice, or Scratchcard

    Skill games

    Create any skill games such as tapping games, puzzles, catching games, shopping games, f and many more.


    Offer location-specific advertisement games to attract new customers and move your brand on the map.

    Steps to create a GAME


    Select your challenge

     with over +100 game, and quizzes


    Customize the challenge

     with your campaign strategy


    Create your campaign

    Time and reward setting, your CTR, and more

    Create unique custom

    branded gamification campaigns


    Embed across channels

    Integrate campaigns with other platforms


    Access your campaign analytics

     in physical and digital world


    Need any help with the projects?